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Liverpool, England




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Let’s get this out of the way first. Any of my friends would tell you I hate talking about myself, evidenced by the fact I have written about 5 Facebook posts since 2010.

So, I’m not going to try to convince you I’m the best thing since sliced bread. I’m just a guy trying pay my bills and hopefully have a good time doing so.

I’ll be the first to admit there’s plenty I don’t know. That being said I always back myself to figure it out. I am yet to figure out whether that means I’m confident or just naïve; it’s a thin line.  

Outside of work you’re just as likely to find me in the gym, curled up on the couch with the Mrs or consuming a healthy amount of cider. If it’s made from apples it counts towards your five-a-day, right?

I’m also a self-confessed excel nerd. Bills, taxes, workouts; if it’s got numbers its going in the spreadsheet. I just have a soft spot for data and automation.

Hopefully you will find out everything else you need to know about me below, but apparently people are ridiculously bad at being self-aware.


So please, just get in touch and judge me for yourself.


D.O.B: 09.10.1996

Born: Hannover, Raised: Liverpool

Email Address:


"Distinctly average" - Jack, 24

"I'm not writing your CV for you" - Dad, 47

"The golden child" - Mum, redacted

"Person of the year for 2006" - Time Magazine

"Gets his work done but talks too much" - Parents Evening


Academic Experience


Msc Digital Marketing


Liverpool John Moores University ® 2019 

Course content included learning with industry leading tools and emerging technologies (Google Analytics, AdSense, SEO, Social Media Management, Website Design etc) alongside providing a detailed understanding of digital marketing campaign management, strategy and planning.

My individual research thesis was focused on determining if there is a link between the attributes of the social media used in brand messaging and the consumer perception of that brand. This included the design of the research methodology, management of data gathering with an in-depth quantitative analysis and write-up of the results. 

BA (Hons) Business Management

Upper Second-Class Honours (2:1)

Liverpool John Moores University ® 2018 

Provided an in-depth understanding of a range of business disciplines including project management, branding, entreprenuership, marketing and finance. Our thesis took the form of a business plan which can be downloaded in its entirety below. This business plan took the form of an ethical fashion brand, full details of which can be found in the business plan and work history section. 

The grade obtained demonstrates the ability to conduct research, data analysis, write reports and handle presentations within these disciplines to a high standard. 

Skills and Training

Academic Experience


Data Analysis

Able to effectively analyse large data sets to provide meaningful and actionable results.


Evidence is shown in my academic projects as well as in my current role at Reputation Defender.  

Social Media Management

Wide experience in planning and managing social media content across multiple platforms for specific audiences.

Various examples are shown in my work and volunteering history.

Report Writing

Excellent ability to translate data and research into useful formats for specific audiences.

  Shown by my thesis' and in my current role, with report generation being a daily deliverable for clients. 

Google Analytics

Confident using Google Analytic tools, as showcased by my academic and work history as well as my achievement of Google analytics certification.


Proof of which can be viewed here and here.

Adobe Illustrator

Comfortable editing or creating basic graphical content from scratch, with decent knowledge about design principles.


All graphics on this site were made by myself but further examples can be found through my work with 'We Are Endangered'.  

Google Ads

Good understanding of Google ad tools and principles.

This is underpinned by decent knowledge of general PPC practices, as well as practical experience in analysing the Google ad strategy at my current role.

Certification in progress.


Sound knowledge of SEO theory, implementation and best practices.

Various showcases of this proficiency are present in my academic and professional history. My current role requires a strategic understanding of these principles and their communication to clients.


Confident generating audience specific copy for multiple mediums.

Practical work shown through my work history with Edge Hill and 'We Are Endangered'. The campaigns in my current role also require's extensive copy writing but my role in this is mostly at the strategic level.

Work and Volunteering

Skills and Training


Reputation Defender

Account Manager

June 2019-present

Responsible for monitoring and managing the development of online reputation management campaigns for both individuals and businesses. Our aim is to make sure people find quality, truthful information about our clients at the top of their search results.

At any one time my client list will consist of 30 to 40 active campaigns, with budgets between £500 per month up to £10,000 per month. Due to the nature of our services NDA's prevent the disclosure of any client specific information however our clients include professionals, sole traders, multi-national corporations, HNI's and everything inbetween. 

My main tasks include:

  • Being the main liason between the client and the business, ensuring they are well informed at all stages.

  • Ideation and development of content (blog, social media, media rich, etc) in line with client branding targets.

  • Regular search result analysis and indentification of additional positive opportunities or negative threats.

  • Monitoring of Google, Facebook and Twitter Analytics for intergrated marketing campaigns. 

  • Creating and presenting monthly progress reports for clients.

  • Identification of cross-sell/up-sell opportunities in-line with client objectives, achieving average yearly sales of over £100,000.

  • Developing data and efficiency systems for the account management and fufilment teams. 

Edge Hill BCOB

Club Secretary

June 2021 - Present


Having played for the club for several years I have recently taken over as secretary for Edge Hill BCOB men's football club. Responsibilities include​:

  • Being the main liaison between the club and all external stakeholders (Match venues, FA, opposition teams, referee's etc.)

  • Management of the club twitter account

  • Organising pre-season matches

  • Conducting squad registration

  • Collecting and monitoring player fee's 

  • Organising and leading club committee meetings

We Are Endangered


August 2018-March 2019


Born initially from my undergraduate dissertation 'We Are Endangered' was used as a practical example of the theory learned. Specific activities included:

  • Management of Instagram and Twitter accounts

  • Full design and creation of including copy writing, media creation and Google Analytics monitoring

  • Liaising with suppliers for a limited t-shirt run

  • Building a team of wildlife writers to develop the Garamba as the blog of 

L'arche International

Relief Support Worker

August 2015-May 2017

Responsible for supporting adults with a range of physical and mental disabilities in living a fulfilling life.​

  • Completion of the care certificate setting out the behaviours, skills and knowledge required of health and social care sectors

  • Conducted 1-to-1 support with adults that were assessed to have intensive support requirements

  • Conducted 1-to-5 support with adults that were assessed to minor support requirements

Uber Eats

Bicycle Courier

October 2015-April 2019

One of the first bicycle couriers signed-up when Uber Eats/Deliveroo first came to Liverpool. 

  • Delivered over 800 orders with a 95% customer satisfaction rate and a 100% merchant satisfaction rate.

  • Maintained an average delivery time 20% quicker than target.

  • Took an independent approach to learning new skills such as bike repairs and maintenance.

Work and Volunteering


If somehow after only scratching the surface you want to know more, please drop me a line.

I will get back to you ASAP

Thanks for submitting!

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